01/04/2020 – Second publication of the VASOTENS Registry: Impact of 24-h pulse wave analysis on hypertension-mediated organ damage
Omboni S, Posokhov I, Parati G, Arystan A, Tan I, Barkan V, Bulanova N, Derevyanchenko M, Grigoricheva E, Minyukhina I, Mule’ G, Orlova I, Paini A, Peixoto Maldonado JM, Pereira T, Ramos-Becerra CG, Tilea I, Waisman G; VASOTENS Registry Study Group. Variable association of 24-h peripheral and central hemodynamics and stiffness with hypertension-mediated organ damage: the VASOTENS Registry. J Hypertens. 2020 Apr;38(4):701-715.
The publication

11/07/2019 – First results of the Vasotens Registry published on the Journal of Clinical Hypertension
Omboni, S, Posokhov, I, Parati, G, Rogoza A, Kotovskaya Y, Arystan A, Avolio A, Barkan V, Bulanova N, Cardona Munoz E, Grigoricheva E, Konradi A, Minyukhina I, Muiesan ML, Mule’ G, Orlova I, Pereira T, Peixoto Maldonado JM, Statsenko ME, Tilea I, Waisman G on behalf of the VASOTENS Registry Study Group. Ambulatory blood pressure and arterial stiffness web-based telemonitoring in patients at cardiovascular risk. First results of the VASOTENS (Vascular health ASsessment Of The hypertENSive patients) Registry. J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich). 2019 Aug;21(8):1155-1168.
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19/06/2017 – Presentation of the first results of the Vasotens Registry at ESH Meeting
MICO Milan – Red Hall 1
Parallel Oral Session 7D – Blood Pressure Measurement
S. Omboni, I.N. Posokhov, G. Parati, V.S. Barkan, E.G. Cardona Munoz, E.A. Grigoricheva, I.E. Minyukhina, M.L. Muiesan, G. Mule’, I.A. Orlova, T. Pereira
The presentation
The video of the presentation

01/04/2017 – Publication of VASOTENS Registry related paper on 24-hour ambulatory pulse wave analysis and BP variability
In this original publication we demonstrated that, in hypertensive patients, 24-h systolic blood pressure variability is moderately and independently associated with 24-h central blood pressure, pulse wave velocity (PWV) and the augmentation index.
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22/09/2016 – Publication of a review on 24-hour ambulatory pulse wave analysis
In this review we present the most updated information on technologies, clinical evidence and perspectives of 24-hour ambulatory pulse wave analysis in hypertension management. The VASOTENS Registry is also presented in the review.
The publication

29/06/2016 – Publication of the protocol paper in JMIR Research Protocol
The e-health journal JMIR Research Protocol published the detailed protocol of the VASOTENS Registry.
The publication of the VASOTENS Registry Protocol

15/10/2015 – Protocol presentation at the ARTERY 2015 Meeting
A poster describing the protocol of the VASOTENS Registry was presented by coordinator Prof. Stefano Omboni and Co-coordinator Dr. Igor Posokhov at the ARTERY meeting, which was attended by approximately 230 experts in the field.
The poster of the VASOTENS Registry Protocol

28/07/2015 – Endorsement of the Italian Society of Hypertension
The Project receives the official endorsement of the Italian Society of Hypertension.

13/06/2015 – Project Start-up Investigators? Meeting
Project Start-up Investigators’ Meeting held at the Milan, MICO, Meeting room no. 4, floor -1.
During the 25th European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection the VASOTENS Registry is officially launched. Investigators from Russia, Italy, Mexico, Australia and Serbia attend the start-up meeting
The agenda of the meeting

08/06/2015 – Endorsement of the Russian Society of Hypertension
The Project receives the official endorsement of the Russian Society of Hypertension.

20/02/2015 – The birth of the VASOTENS Registry
The protocol of the Vasotens Registry is released after months of gestation by coordinator Prof. Stefano Omboni and Co-coordinator Dr. Igor Posokhov. The project is ready to start and recruitment of centers is initiated.