The INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY FOR AMBULATORY BLOOD PRESSURE AND ARTERIAL STIFFNESS TELEMONITORING, also called VASOTENS (Vascular health ASsessment Of The hypertENSive patients) Registry, has been devised in order to collect evidence on the clinical value of ambulatory arterial stiffness estimation. The final goal of the project is to achieve a possibly standardized and widespread use of integrated ambulatory blood pressure and arterial stiffness evaluation in the clinical management of hypertension, also by providing specific instructions and recommendations to the clinicians on the use of this modern technology. The project is an investigator initiated observational, prospective trial.

Basically, the Vasotens Registry is an open project, collecting common archive of ambulatory blood pressure recordings from all collaborators for subsequent analysis, intending to reach a strong evidence base and to improve risk stratification in arterial hypertension management. The members of the Registry are authors of studies or scientific publications on 24-hour ambulatory monitoring of brachial and central aortic blood pressure and 24-hour pulse wave analysis. Given the open nature of the project, any investigator ready to contribute with ambulatory blood pressure data, which strictly correspond to the established criteria can join the Registry.

The trial is registered on NCT02577835